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Moving Out

Thank you for your stay with us! We hope that you enjoyed your tenancy with Faculty Housing and Caltech looks forward to continuing a partnership with you.

Below, you will find some helpful information on move-out procedures.

If you would like to end your lease earlier than anticipated, please fill out our Intent to Vacate form.

We require a two week notification for early move out.

A Move Out Inspection is not required, but we always recommend it.

During this process, Faculty Housing staff will visit your unit to inspect for any damage. We will look for significant damage: broken windows or mirrors, leaks or water damage, flooring (please make sure floors are free of clutter), furnishings, etc.

Please view our Inspection Form for more detailed information.

To schedule a Move Out Inspection, please email us or submit an AiM Customer Request.

We would like your check out process to be simple and stress free.

We do not require you to clean prior to departure. Once you have checked out, we will send someone in to clean the home, remove the linens and towels and send them out to be cleaned.

We only ask:

  1. Please be sure to remove all of your personal belongings. Items left behind will be discarded.
  2. Please dispose of all food and garbage from the home.
  3. Remember to forward your mail to your new address. Although we make an effort to forward packages, we cannot guarantee this will happen.

You may either leave your keys in your home or drop them in the Student Housing After-Hours drop box located at 414 S. Holliston.

If you choose to leave your keys in your home, please do the following:

  1. Be sure you have all of your personal belongings.
  2. Make sure all doors and windows are locked.
  3. Place keys and garage remotes in a visible location (kitchen counter, coffee table, etc.).
  4. Please lock the front door on your way out.
  5. Email us to let us know that you have chosen to leave your keys in the unit. Sometimes flights may be delayed or other circumstances may arise that require you to stay a little bit longer and the last thing we would want is for us to enter your home while you are still there. This is why we would like you to let us know when you have left so that we can go to your unit and pick up the keys.